About Dr. Charlotte Tilson

I'm a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco, California. 

My practice focuses on the psychological health and well-being of women and children. I serve children and teenagers ages 5-18 and women of all ages. 




Committed to the Well-Being of Women and Children

It's healthy to reach out for help. It says something good about you to do so. Through counseling you gain access to professional input, knowledge and support. And, you engage in a process fueled by powerful human tendencies. These include the desire to understand, to express oneself, and to heal though connection with others.

Therapy is a means to encourage your child's healthy social/emotional development. It can strengthen children's ability to cope with stressors like learning differences, difficulties with friendships, or issues with confidence and moods. It can also help children and adolescents with family changes including separation or divorce. 

People of all ages can leverage their natural growth processes to move forward in a positive way. Let's talk about how you can use therapy to improve your life - or your child's. 

Therapy for Bay Area Women

My adult clients include professionals, young adults and parents. Some women I work with are looking to deal more effectively with feelings such as unhappiness or anxiety. Others are going through a life transition or want to better manage stress and multiple life demands. Personal growth and enhancement of life satisfaction are primary goals for many people.

Counseling for San Francisco Children, Tweens and Teens

I serve elementary, middle and high school students (ages 5-18) and their parents. I provide child therapy, therapy for tweens and teens and parent consultation. My young clients come for help with a range of social, emotional, behavioral, family and school or learning related issues.


I've devoted over 20 years to efforts to improve people's lives and better understand human behavior. My experience joins two complementary disciplines - clinical psychology and developmental psychology. Clinical psychology is the study of mental health. Developmental psychology is the study of processes of change through the human lifespan.  

Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist I worked for about 10 years in the field of applied developmental psychology. This included contributions to publications, educational films, training programs, websites, public health initiatives and corporate work/life services. I was previously a Project Director at the Center for Child and Family Studies.


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