Therapy for Women in San Francisco

I'm a clinical psychologist with a focus on women's psychological health and well-being. My clients include professionals, young adults, single women and moms - a range of women interested in the pursuit of understanding, fulfillment and quality of life. Join them in their focus on what matters.

Whether you'd like to be happier, less stressed or have worry take less of a bite out of your life, now is the time to invest in your emotional health and well-being. Tell your story. Gain understanding. Shift your focus. Face your struggles with full support. Use therapy to take steps toward the life you wish to live. Contact me to get started. 

Helping Bay Area Women Build Their Well-Being

I provide counseling and consultation to help women with:

  • Moods - worry/anxiety, sadness/depression

  • Relationships - divorce, separation, joint custody, break ups, the search for the right person

  • Stress

  • Difficult life events and experiences

  • Life transitions

  • Enhancement of emotional well-being

  • Personal growth and development

If you don't see your concern above, by all means contact me and we can talk about whether I may be able to be of help to you. If not, I'll do my best to help refer you to someone who might be a better resource.

A Place to Talk About Things That Matter

Life is busy. But, when it comes to certain feelings and experiences it makes sense to slow down and take pause.

Do you want to:

  • Better handle the challenges you face

  • Reduce the impact of anxiety or worries on your life

  • Figure out healthier ways to deal with difficult emotions or situations

  • Make lifestyle shifts to support your well-being

  • Better understand the mental and behavior habits that maintain your mood

  • Enjoy more fulfilling work or relationships

  • Experience greater peace of mind, contentment or life satisfaction

If so, let's talk about how to get there. Things can get better. 

Welcome to my Practice

Empower Yourself Through Therapy

Going to therapy is an expression of healthy human impulses to connect, pursue understanding and move forward. It's natural to want to connect with others when you are stressed. It can boost your resilience. It can help you better tap into your strengths.

You don't have to face life challenges alone. In fact, it's better if you don't. Bolster your support in pursuit of a life you love - one that is meaningful, connected and gives you a sense of purpose. Take care of your social-emotional well-being and your quality of life will grow. 

How you perceive and respond to life events can impact your emotional well-being, even on the course of your life. Experiences, relationships, patterns of thought and lifestyle - all influence well-being. Let's consider what can be learned from what life has presented to you, and which steps forward best suit you.  Contact me to get started.